Thoughts on a Windy Day

Washington Forest

I awoke to a migraine and a very windy day Wednesday morning.  Not surprising, I guess – we are approaching March, our windiest month, and I unfortunately have the predisposition to get headaches so a windy day just further encourages things.  Sadly, I had been pondering what subject to paint next the evening before, with hopes of starting a new piece in the studio the next day.  Hate to say it, but it’s hard to feel even remotely in the mood to create when your head is splitting…at least, artistic thoughts don’t come along quite as readily as they do when you’re feeling normal or at your best. 

Oh, what to do, what to do?  Dinner is already prepped, slow-cooking in the crockpot; the next batch of granola is done and cooling on the range (the whole house smells delightfully of coffee-coconut goodness thanks to the recipe I found via Pinterest on I don’t think I may have mentioned this before, but I LOVE food…cooking it, eating it, searching the depths of Pinterest and other online sources for new recipes to try out.  In fact, I would rather get lost in a gourmet food/kitchen store than go shoe shopping or spend my time looking at a really good food magazine over a fashion magazine any day.  I take after my mom – thanks Mom!!  Good food is definitely a priority in our house, and we love to share it.  Enjoying a good meal is definitely something that is supposed to be shared with good company, after all, but here I am getting off on a tangent…

Back to my windy morning…I watch my two (very large) Maine Coon cats, full of spring fever, as they stalk birds on the patio through the back screen door, listening to the sound of the wind in the trees.  The roaring might of air through the pine needles rushes and blusters with great force, sounding like waves crashing at the ocean.  The light that dances through is reminiscent of Cezanne’s brushstrokes.  It reminds me of some distant memory.  I take a moment to reflect on what it is, exactly.  No, not being at the beach – that’s too obvious – but something far greater and more majestic…I’ve got it!  Some of my most vivid memories are from my many travels to Europe, and this was one such occasion.  I have had the great privilege (thanks to an overseas fellow equestrian and family friend), of getting to explore the beautiful and unforgettable vast region of Provence, France on horseback on multiple occasions.  Probably the most breath-taking area I have been blessed to explore is what is called the “Grand Canyon of France,” or the Gorges du Verdon.  These gorges, carved by glaciers in prehistoric times, cut and wind their way through limestone rock and are lined by the Verdon River.  The walls are so tall and high; it is hard not to feel humbly insignificant in their presence.  It is the sound of the wind, racing through these caverns, that I am reminded of on this windy morning.  That feeling of wonder, when graced in the presence of such vast beauty.  Beyond every curve of the gorge floor, another gust of awe; from up above the walls, along a Roman-built road, the spectacular view down as the wind rushes up to meet your face.  I had found it – soul-stirring awe and inspiration all those years ago, awakened and revived for me again at last.  I had found my muse.  A little walk down memory lane through my travel photos, and I should have the source for my next piece.  I will look forward to what the rest of this week brings.

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  1. Love the description of the “gorgeous gorge”. Thanks for stirring that memory again. I look forward to seeing what photo you use as inspiration. Can’t wait!

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