Live Paint at Nectar Lounge!

I’ve been working on a very large oil piece the past few months and decided to take a break this last Monday for an evening of live painting at Nectar Lounge during their weekly Mo’ Jam Monday event.  What a fun evening!  I had not previously been to Nectar Lounge (located in Fremont), nor knew anything about the Mo’ Jam Monday sessions (basically an open improv jam session), but after an invitation from a friend, I decided to change things up for the evening.

While I have done a few other live paints for charity events in the past, I had not previously gotten to do an improv painting session in conjunction with a live band playing improv at the same time.  The energy of the room was electric and the music was great – there wasn’t a song performed during night that didn’t sound like everyone had been playing together for years (despite it being quite the opposite!)  I wound up working more abstractly than originally anticipated due to the lack of lighting, but I am pleased with how the vibrancy of my color palette reflected the energy of the evening.  It was nice to change things up a little bit!  Many thanks to Hope Black for the invite and marketing, Jake Black (and all the other many talented musicians) for the great music,  Sean Patchen for being my supply/beer runner/wingman, and Mo’ Jam Presents for making an event like this possible.   In summation – an evening of good vibes and bright colors (despite the dim lighting!) I’ll definitely be back – next time with a clamp light so I can see a little better!!

Mo’ Jam Mondays Ep. 217 Live Paint (Photo courtesy of @mojampresents)
“What the Eyes Hear” – acrylic on canvas, 24 x 20 inches

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