About the Artist

Welcome to my creative world – ablaze with color, illuminated by texture and inspired by ethereal beauty.  Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Brena Patchen and I have known for a very long time that art was a part of my soul.  Though I was encouraged by many instructors to pursue a degree in math or sciences, I instead followed my heart, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Art Studio from U.C. Davis in 2007.  It was while attending U.C. Davis that I discovered my life’s calling – oil painting – and it has been my passion ever since.  I am blessed to now call Seattle my home, and my sources of inspiration here are endless.  My work can best be described as impressionistic; capturing the fleeting, poetic moments in life which give us cause to pause and reflect.  My sources for inspiration range from my favorite music, to places I have traveled, to the many beautiful moments that have enchanted me along the way.  My passion to capture these minute moments of beauty is so that they may be shared with you, my viewer, and enjoyed by others for years to come.  My hope is that viewing my artwork will cause you as much joy and reverence as the act of painting the subject did for me.  

I would like to thank my loving husband and family for all of their support in my artistic explorations.  I am blessed to have the ability to travel freely, always in search of inspiration for my next piece.  I believe that life is a treasure, and should be explored and beheld with wonder.  When I am not painting in oil, I also enjoy other medium explorations, including acrylic painting and graphite drawing (in addition to salsa dancing, horseback riding, cooking and travelling the world!)  Please feel free to contact me with any inquiries or commission requests – all are welcome.  Enjoy!  

Phone: (530) 304-9624

Email: bfpurplehaze@gmail.com

Online Shop: https://brena-patchen.pixels.com/

Facebook: @BrenaPatchenArt

Instagram: @BrenaArt

Twitter: @BrenaArt