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“Vivid Expressions” Solo Show at Urban Light Studios

Last Friday concluded my incredible honor of being the featured artist at Urban Light Studios during their last 2 Phinneywood Artwalk events.  The beautiful venue has been a long-loved establishment in the Greenwood community for weddings, special events, photograph shoots,  artwalks and many other occasions, so it was my great privilege to have a solo showcase in such a gorgeous setting  before they close their doors.

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Live Paint at Nectar Lounge!

I’ve been working on a very large oil piece the past few months and decided to take a break this last Monday for an evening of live painting at Nectar Lounge during their weekly Mo’ Jam Monday event.  What a fun evening!  I had not previously been to Nectar Lounge (located in Fremont), nor knew anything about the Mo’ Jam Monday sessions (basically an open improv jam session), but after an invitation from a friend, I decided to change things up for the evening.

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Art Pop-Up at Pike People Street this Saturday!


Stop by Pike People Street this Saturday, August 26th, in the Capitol Hill neighborhood for an evening of arts, entertainment and fun!  I’ll be featuring some of my recent paintings at my art pop-up, on the street right in front of Poquitos from 6:00 – 9:00PM.  I’ve got some fun new works I’m excited to share with you all, so make sure to stop by and check things out!

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“Absinthe Dreams” at A/NT Gallery through Sunday!


If you’ve not done so already, be sure to stop by Art Not Terminal Gallery over at Seattle Center to catch this month’s featured show before it comes down on Sunday!  “Absinthe Dreams” is on display and available for purchase, as are many other lovely works by talented local artists.  This month’s solo exhibit in the South Gallery is Michael Larkin’s Vampires! Show – not to be missed!  The gallery is open daily, 12:00 – 8:00 PM.  Don’t miss your chance to see this month’s great collection of works!

Summer Sale on Fine Art America!

Breaking Through the Gates


I’m offering a limited time promotional on canvas prints of “Breaking Through the Gates” through June 24th! Small sized prints perfect for brightening up your home or office for a reduced price! Make sure not to miss out on this opportunity! Please visit Fine Art America here to get yours today:

I also have a selection of other works you can order as prints on canvas, metal, wood and other accessories on my main shop page on Fine Art America. Stop by and find something awesome for yourself or a loved one today! Please find the link to my shop below. Thanks so much for the support!

June Show at A/NT Gallery

Breaking Through the Gates

June marks my third month as a member of Art/Not Terminal Gallery, located in Seattle Center right under the Space Needle.  It’s a co-operative gallery run for and by local artists and features a different show every month.  This month, both Shattered and Breaking Through the Gates are featured, along with many other wonderful works by other local artists. The gallery is open daily 12:00 – 8:00 PM and is free to visit (although donations are always graciously accepted!)  Current show runs through June – stop by and support local artists while enjoying a fantastic setting!


Checking Back In…

I realized it’s been a while since I last shared a little about what’s been going on in our world – just over a year, in fact! Much has happened since my last written post. Granted, I’ve still been painting and sharing my new works as they’ve come into existence; however I haven’t actually taken any time to sit down and write. Just wanted to “officially” check back in!

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Live Paint at the WFF Fundraiser


Tuesday evening, I had the privilege of doing another live paint event for the Wildland Firefighter Foundation Fundraiser in Sacramento.  The charity event was held on the grounds of the old decommissioned McClellan Air Force Base at the Lions Gate Hotel, an area I had never been to prior, but very much enjoyed getting to visit.  The area itself is much tucked away from the rest of the Sacramento metropolis and has been lovingly cared for over the years, so getting to drive through all the little neighborhoods of old officers’ housing (many of which are still lived in today), was like going back into time.  Here, honor and courage are met with respect and pride – a way of life and a motif that carried into the evening’s event as well.

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Sun and Paint


So, it’s been a little while since I last checked in…who would have guessed that gallivanting around the Pacific Northwest for a month would have had me so distracted by family, food and fun that actually sitting down to write had slipped my mind for a while?!  Ah, such is life!  What can I say?  It certainly was a lovely last couple of weeks up north with all our many adventures.  The past few weeks alone we celebrated my dad’s birthday, my mom’s birthday, explored the town of Edmonds, trekked out to old Fort Vancouver and adventured up to Victoria B.C. for the day.  We also finally got to enjoy some beautiful spring-like weather during the last weeks of my stay, with all of the trees starting to blossom – definitely stirring my creativity (along with my allergies!)  I actually picked up some painting supplies earlier during my stay in the hopes of getting out to paint sooner; however, we also had a significant amount of wind along with our sunshine, so things hadn’t been ideal for a plein air session until towards the end of my visit.  However, I did finally get to break out my new supplies.

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