So How Does It Feel No Longer Working a 9 to 5?

That’s probably the number one question I’m asked.  The simple answer – pretty freaking awesome.  It took long enough to get here, but through a myriad of life events, changes and much encouragement, I’m here, painting full time – at last.  The adjustment was interesting.  In the beginning, everyday felt like a vacation day.  No schedule to keep, no one to report to (except myself), and each day full of possibilities.  I was free to do as I pleased.  I enjoyed doing things at my leisure and took advantage of some much needed (and long over-do), relaxation time.  It was time for me – and it still is – I’ve just discovered a few things along the way.

As much as I enjoy a “fuzzies” day (a family term, meaning a day you lounge around in fuzzy, comfy clothes with a good book, movie or game) I also have come to terms with the fact that, most of the time, you really do need to have a schedule of some sort, however simple it may be.  It could even be as simple as knowing the night before what you want to accomplish the next day, getting up on time to achieve it and then going for it!  Having goals and deadlines, though potentially stressful at times, really are what drives us to succeed.  I needed to make time to do what I love, what my soul craves, and that is to paint.  Granted yes, the creative process is not one that can be forced, but I can be diligent about putting myself in inspiring situations that will stir my creativity and spark an idea.  Understanding the value of different studio settings (communal and collaborative versus solitary and contemplative); seeking out new surroundings to go explore; taking new classes; collaborating with other creative minds and pushing myself out of my comfort zone have all undoubtedly contributed to my artistic inspiration and work.  Recognizing the settings in which you thrive creatively is essential to keep your work fresh and your mind engaged.   You must find – and keep – a sense of balance for your soul to feel free.

Finding balance is something else I’ve had to learn much about since leaving a 9 to 5 job.  I think too many of us are so preoccupied with everything we feel we need to “get done” every day that we don’t even realize it’s missing.  It might come across as a fleeting feeling of “something is missing in my life,” or “why am I not happy?”  I too, was once this busy and unhappy.  It wasn’t until I was finally forced to take time for myself that I realized the essential need to find balance.  We all need to take a little time out of each day to do something for ourselves, something we enjoy.  It can be reading a favorite book, listening to music, cooking, baking, dancing, painting – the list goes on.  And whatever it is, it doesn’t have to take much time either.  Even if all you have is fifteen or twenty minutes for yourself, do something that makes you happy, something you can look forward to.  Find and make the time for it.  It’s about giving yourself a moment to feel grounded, to feel connected in this life.  After all, the reason we’re all here is to, well, live life – so I say live it to the fullest extent you can, every day.  Trust me, you’ll be thankful you did.

8 thoughts on “So How Does It Feel No Longer Working a 9 to 5?”

  1. I am so proud of you for doing what you have been wanting to do for some time now. There is much to be said when it comes to finding balance in ones life and you put it very eloquently. I cannot wait to see where your inspiration may take you.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts, Liz. That really means so much coming from a dear friend like you!!

  2. You have so much to be proud of sis. You have worked long and hard to find your balance, to pursue your dream and i could not br happier for you. Trying to pursue what you love while working sometimes seems impossible. Those moments you get to have to release and give into your passion are what keep us going. You are an inspiration to us all and I am so proud to call you my sister, one hell of an artist. Je t’aime…

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